About Us

pantsguys is a great example of the type of creative combustion that can take place when like-minded, passionate people gather together. Add into the mix their high skill level and their shared vision for what theatre can be, and the combination is very exciting. I applaud their deep commitment and positive artistic contribution.

- Dean Carey, Actors Centre Australia


 A young fledgling company of young professionals, really showing the major companies in this city what should be done and how to do it.

- Kevin Jackson


The vision of pantsguys is a growing and impressive bandwagon of talent – I suggest you get on it.

- Augusta Supple


pantsguys productions are a serious creative company to keep on eye on.

- Emily Eskell, Daily Sydney


Our Mission

To empower emerging artists to create innovative contemporary work that provokes, excites and challenges Australian audiences. pantsguys aims to bridge the gap between emerging and established artists in the industry. We want to provide the opportunity and facilities for creatives to work in a professional environment, nurtured and mentored by more experienced practitioners.


Our Patron


pantsguys Productions has secured the patronage of renowned Australian Theatre Director Craig Ilott.

Craig is best known for directing the award winning Hedwig and the Angry Inch (2006) and for directing and co-creating the even more award winning Smoke and Mirrors (2010). He has come on board to spread the pantsguys word and help us bridge the gap between established and emerging artists in the industry.




The pantsguys

Paul Hooper

Credits include – Punk Rock, autobahn (pantsguys Productions), The Hiding Place (The Night Whisperer), Stories from the Wayside (Hurricane Productions), Fathers (La Mama), The Proposal (NIDA) and Sticks and Stones (Dublin)

For screen – Rescue Special Ops, Tricky Business, Sofala (Short)

As Assistant Director – autobahn, The Shape of Things, Punk Rock (pantsguys Productions)

Paul graduated from Actors Centre Australia in 2010 and has a BA from The University of Canterbury (NZ). Paul teaches short courses for NIDA and Actors Centre Australia



Owen Little

Credits Include – Punk Rock (pantsguys Productions), autobahn (Adelaide Fringe and pantsguys Productions), The Wind in the Willows 2012/2013 (Australian Shakespeare Co.), Oh, The Humanity (pantsguys Productions), Julius Caesar (New Theatre), Poetry In Action 2010 (Shaman Productions), Salome (NIDA), Rope (Bump In Productions), Careers For Attractive Ladies (Sydney Fringe).

Owen graduated from Actors Centre Australia in 2010.



Rebecca Martin

Credits include – The Shape of Things, autobahn, Punk Rock, Dogs Barking (pantsguys productions), Havana Harlem (Sydney Fringe), After the End (Tap Gallery), Cock (NIDA).
As a director: autobahn, The Knowledge (pantsguys productions). As Assistant Director - Lord of the Flies (New Theatre)

Rebecca graduated from Actors Centre Australia in 2010 and has a BA from UNSW and an ATCL in Speech and Drama from Trinity College London. Rebecca teaches for NIDA and is currently studying a Masters of Teaching at Melbourne Uni


Graeme McRae

Graeme McRae

Credits include - Punk Rock [for which he won Best Supporting Role in an Independent Production, Sydney Theatre Awards 2012], The Shape of Things, autobahn (pantsguys Productions), Stories from the Wayside (Hurricane Productions), The History Boys (Bakehouse Theatre Productions) and Jack (Boxed Theatre). For screen - Let it Rain (Tropfest Finalist), Home and Away, Unrequited Road, The Johnsons.

Graeme graduated from Actors Centre Australia in 2010 and also trained at Theatre Nepean



Tim Reuben

Credits include - autobahnThe Shape Of Things and DoubleBooked (pantsguys Productions), heart dot com (Tap Gallery). Tim also co-directed pantsguys’ Oh The Humanity.

With a background in comedy, his stand up show with Alistair Wallace: DoubleBooked premiered and sold out in the Sydney Fringe Festival, and he has performed in the Quest For the Best Finals and Raw State Semi finals.

Tim graduated from Actors Centre Australia in 2010 and trained in Physical Theatre at Legs On The Wall, Aerialize and Queen St studios.


Alistair Wallace

Alistair Wallace

Acting credits include: DoubleBooked (touring stand-up comedy show with Tim Reuben), Punk Rock, Oh, The Humanity, autobahn (pantsguys Productions); As You Like It (Platform 12), Tease (atyp / Corrugated Iron) and Poetry In Action 2010 (Shaman Productions).

Technical credits as Sound Designer include: autobahn, The Shape of Things, Oh, The Humanity, Punk Rock, Dogs Barking (pantsguys Productions); Lord of the Flies, Small Poppies (New Theatre).

Alistair graduated from Actors Centre Australia in 2010