AdelaideNow Fringe 2012 review – autobahn by Neil LaBute

HITCH a ride with playwright Neil LaBute as he explores the intimate, private world of couples. Hear words better left unsaid. Watch tragedies unfold. Accidents waiting to happen.
Like a fly on the wall, or the windscreen, we bear witness to moments of extreme emotional intensity. If cars could talk, what tales they would tell, of young lovers parking and making out, of married couples quarelling, of back-seat drivers, kidnappers and carjackers. This series of one act plays from Pantsguys Productions offers incredible insight into five very different relationships. Attractive actors are easy on the eye, making unpleasant conversation even more compelling and alluring.The truth is not always as it seems. Unexpected twists and turns elicit gasps from the audience, amid a growing realisation that the greatest power lies in saying nothing at all.
Rating: 4 stars (out of 5)
Clare Peddle. March 19, 2012