autobahn goes to Adelaide

pantsguys Productions present Neil Labute’s autobahn.

After a sell out season in Sydney, the show is getting packed up and flown off
 to Adelaide for the 2012 Adelaide Fringe Festival.

…and we need your help…

Help pantsguys Productions get Autobahn on the ‘road’ to the Adelaide Fringe by donating to our cause on Pozible!


pantsguys has always been about promoting young, emerging talent in a professional arena for the betterment of their careers. Providing them with opportunities to work with seasoned professionals and promote themselves and their talents. However, any independent theatre company will tell you that producing any kind of theatre is expensive.

Attending the Adelaide Fringe is no exception. Touring is HARD. But it would mean huge exposure for our rising company and for the rising artists performing in autobahn.

We’ve backed ourselves financially for over a year, cashed in favours, sold Official pantsguys Undies, raffled XBox’s (and even ourselves!!) and now we need your help to take pantsguys to the next level. We can’t do it without YOU.

 pantsguys’ autobahn is a series of five vignettes that take place within the painfully hilarious 
confines of a car. Witnessing a break up, a kidnapping and even a confession of infidelity,
 audiences are confronted with biting reality and the viscera of humanity. 
Inside that moving vehicle you are trapped, you are isolated and there is nowhere to run. 
Conversations cannot be avoided, the truth cannot be hidden, we are exposed.

This painfully perplexing setting, together with LaBute’s sharp and comical writing, make 
autobahn a boisterously funny show, exploring the lives and relationships of those people you
 spy in the bubble next to you as you’re waiting for the lights to change.

pantsguys are thrilled to remount this lively black comedy under the exciting direction of one of
 the hottest new faces in theatre, Adelaide’s very own Dale March (The Removalists and The
 White Guard for STC).