Mr Kolpert

Kolpert Feature

Ralph and his wife Sarah invite Edith and Bastian to their home for an evening of mind games and manipulation. Things take a dark turn when Ralph jokingly mentions that he and Sarah have killed their co-worker, Mr Kolpert. A large chest rests in the middle of the room. What happens from here is not normal...

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On the Shore of the Wide World

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Alex Holmes is ready for adulthood, ready to lose his virginity and ready to leave his home town. But history isn’t on his side. Alex’s parents Peter and Alice are careening towards infidelity after the impact of a recent tragedy, and his grandparents’ relationship continues to splinter. The sting of regret is turning out to be a Holmes family keepsake.

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Sweet Nothings

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In a brilliant new translation by David Harrower, Sweet Nothings explores the power of sexual longing, the cruelty of tradition and the vulnerability of those in love.

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Punk Rock

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WINNER BEST INDEPENDENT PRODUCTION 2012, BEST DIRECTOR, BEST SUPPORTING ACTOR; SYDNEY THEATRE AWARDS 2012 The Sixth Form library - sanctuary, playroom, execution chamber. Seven sixth-formers are preparing for their mock-A Levels and the end of their school lives. All this will soon be a thing of the past… when the whole world opens up before you, there’s a danger it’ll swallow you up.

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