Friends of pantsguys

Friends of pantsguys


These are the friends of pantsguys and they can come to my birthday party no matter what stinky Robbie Blackman says. (That guy eats his own ear wax)

David Mo Mahoney

Clairie Oxley

Craig Ilott

Liam Nilon

Jamie Collette

Dean Carey

Thank you again for your kindness and support!


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Friends of pantsguys receive

  • Free or discounted tickets to all pantsguys’ show
  • Invites to our opening nights and industry events
  • ‘pantsguys’ brand merchandise (including the elusive and exclusive ‘pantsguys undies’)
  • Inclusion on the list of ‘pantsguys BFFs’ (a whiteboard above my bed that I kiss each night) {OPTIONAL}