Mr Kolpert

pantsguys Productions and atyp present



Mr Kolpert

by David Geiselmann translated by David Tushingham

Directed by Jimmy Dalton

Shocking and shockingly funny… glitters with exceptionally clever comic writing - The Times

Comedy doesn’t come much blacker or better than this – The Guardian

Ralph and his wife Sarah invite Edith and Bastian to their home for an evening of mind games and manipulation. Things take a dark turn when Ralph jokingly mentions that he and Sarah have killed their co-worker, Mr Kolpert.

A large chest rests in the middle of the room. What happens from here is not normal, as the couples travel further and further down an absurd path of violence, delusion and insanity. As the characters push the boundary of jokes and reality, they are forced to ask themselves the difficult question: “How far would you go to feel alive?”

pantsguys return to atyp for a fourth year following the hugely successful seasons of The Shape of Things (2011), Punk Rock (2012) and Sweet Nothings (2013).

Mr Kolpert Trailer from pantsguys Productions on Vimeo.

Director: James Dalton

Design: Antoinette Barboutis

Lighting Design: Ben Brockman

Sound Design: Alistair Wallace and Marty Jamieson

Composer: Marty Jamieson

Stage Manager: Monica Kumar

Fight Choreographer: Scott Witt

Dramaturg: Stella Nikish


Paige Gardiner

Garth Holcombe

Claire Lovering

Edan Lacey

Tim Reuben

and Tom Christopherson as Mr Kolpert


30 July – 16 August 2014


Wed - Sat, 7pm

Sun 5pm


atyp Studio 1, The Wharf, Pier 4/5 Hickson Road, Walsh Bay


Call atyp on 02 9270 9400 or book online

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