Fringe Review UK – autobahn

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From the unhinged girlfriend to the remorseful boyfriend, the cheating wife to the uneasy runaway, this show explores life through a series of vignettes staged in the front seat of a car. This is an unmissable performance and a definite highlight of this year’s Fringe.

Rating: 5 stars (out of 5)

Autobahn is a marvellous example of what theatre can be when it is done properly. For 80 minutes the audience travels the freeway of life, as five short plays explore tensions, secrets and dramas from the front seat of a car.

There are minimal props; those that are used (lip balm, iPods, Subway sandwich) each add to the performance. The set is bare except for two car seats and a steering wheel, the lighting simple and perfectly suited to the storyline. Yet, for all its sparseness, the show manages to take you on a journey that is both heartfelt and harrowing.

These short plays explore a variety of themes—lost love, betrayal, remorse, violence—and the sensational cast never falter in their faithful recreation of LaBute’s flawless script. It is impossible to single out individual standouts within this nine-person team; each actor is professional, engaging and committed to the performance.

There are numerous moments of humour, which the audience respond to, however these are always laughs on the dark side of life, as the show fully explores the breadth of human experience. 

The dialogue is familiar at times, reflecting the daily banter that occurs in relationships, but then the stories slowly unravel one thread at a time to reveal the truth of the situation. There are some eerie, uncomfortable moments created with seeming ease, and it is clear that what this script does best is hold a mirror up to society, reflecting back the good and the bad.

In truth, this is the show I’ve been waiting for all Fringe—no gimmicks, flashy costumes or unnecessary set changes—just talented actors and a world-class script that sweeps you away. With a few nights still remaining, I can’t think of a better way to round out the festival than by experiencing the power of theatre stripped back to its roots.

Pru Axon. March 15, 2012

New Adelaide Theatre Guide Review – autobahn

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If you want theatre, go out. If you want real drama, just get in the car. This is the idea behind Pantsguys Productions’ “Autobahn”, a modern play written by Neil Labute, inspired by the emotional exchanges often held in automobiles.

Rating: 4 stars (out of 5)
The stripped down interior of half a car (the two front seats and a steering wheel) sits centre stage, and accommodates nine actors over 80 minutes.
The show is divided into six separate conversations, all with different characters revealing different relationships and agendas. Labute’s contemporary script elicits many laughs from the audience, and accurately portrays a lot of universal feelings and circumstances. However, some segments are very similar in tone and ideas, making the production feel quite repetitious. 
The ensemble is very strong, with a high standard of acting across the board. Owen Little, Rebecca Martin, Cat Dibley, Alex Nicholas, Tim Reuban, Madeleine Jones, Paul Hooper, Megan Holloway and Alistair Wallace all give committed and commendable performances, and it is difficult to determine any stand outs.
Not only do all actors impress with their individual performances, but there is also exceptional chemistry between the cast, which is essential in a play like this which relies on relationships. In particular, Little and Martin in the first skit “Bench Seat”, and Hooper and Holloway in “Merge” are memorable for their interaction. 

Wallace’s sound design works well transitioning between scenes, and Tom Petty’s set design is simple and appropriate. Direction by Dale March is considered and apt. 

“Autobahn” has an interesting premise for a show and is executed well. Although the script is repetitive and long at times, the performance is generally very engaging. 

Emma Size. March 19, 2012

AdelaideNow Fringe 2012 review – autobahn by Neil LaBute

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HITCH a ride with playwright Neil LaBute as he explores the intimate, private world of couples. Hear words better left unsaid. Watch tragedies unfold. Accidents waiting to happen.
Like a fly on the wall, or the windscreen, we bear witness to moments of extreme emotional intensity. If cars could talk, what tales they would tell, of young lovers parking and making out, of married couples quarelling, of back-seat drivers, kidnappers and carjackers. This series of one act plays from Pantsguys Productions offers incredible insight into five very different relationships. Attractive actors are easy on the eye, making unpleasant conversation even more compelling and alluring.The truth is not always as it seems. Unexpected twists and turns elicit gasps from the audience, amid a growing realisation that the greatest power lies in saying nothing at all.
Rating: 4 stars (out of 5)
Clare Peddle. March 19, 2012

autobahn goes to Adelaide

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pantsguys Productions present Neil Labute’s autobahn.

After a sell out season in Sydney, the show is getting packed up and flown off
 to Adelaide for the 2012 Adelaide Fringe Festival.

…and we need your help…

Help pantsguys Productions get Autobahn on the ‘road’ to the Adelaide Fringe by donating to our cause on Pozible!


pantsguys has always been about promoting young, emerging talent in a professional arena for the betterment of their careers. Providing them with opportunities to work with seasoned professionals and promote themselves and their talents. However, any independent theatre company will tell you that producing any kind of theatre is expensive.

Attending the Adelaide Fringe is no exception. Touring is HARD. But it would mean huge exposure for our rising company and for the rising artists performing in autobahn.

We’ve backed ourselves financially for over a year, cashed in favours, sold Official pantsguys Undies, raffled XBox’s (and even ourselves!!) and now we need your help to take pantsguys to the next level. We can’t do it without YOU.

 pantsguys’ autobahn is a series of five vignettes that take place within the painfully hilarious 
confines of a car. Witnessing a break up, a kidnapping and even a confession of infidelity,
 audiences are confronted with biting reality and the viscera of humanity. 
Inside that moving vehicle you are trapped, you are isolated and there is nowhere to run. 
Conversations cannot be avoided, the truth cannot be hidden, we are exposed.

This painfully perplexing setting, together with LaBute’s sharp and comical writing, make 
autobahn a boisterously funny show, exploring the lives and relationships of those people you
 spy in the bubble next to you as you’re waiting for the lights to change.

pantsguys are thrilled to remount this lively black comedy under the exciting direction of one of
 the hottest new faces in theatre, Adelaide’s very own Dale March (The Removalists and The
 White Guard for STC).

Seconds of Pleasure

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pantsguys is working on a new devised project based on Neil LaBute’s Seconds of Pleasure.

Here’s what we’ve got so far:

Seconds of Pleasure from pantsguys Productions on Vimeo.

Oh, the Humanity and other good intentions

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After a great and difficult casting session, pantsguys’ newest show is up and running. It was great to meet so many cool and groovy Sydney actors and good luck to all the cast as they leap into rehearsals.  The Sydney Fringe is a great opportunity for our five new directors to cut their teeth (which is less painful than it sounds) on this thoughtful, challenging and very funny play and we would love all our pantsguys guys to come and watch.


Tickets are available now at the fringe website:

Phone: (02) 9020 6980

Or email:

pantsguys Launch Party

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Like a rocket full of theatre, piloted by creativity, fuelled by innovation and whose destination is planet… art, pantsguys needs a Launch Party so that we can all meet up and eat chips and dip.

The Launch Party will be a great place for all us emerging artists to get to know them established artists in the industry and ask them if they are enjoying the weather at the moment.

If you want to come along and support pantsguys, jump on Facebook, Twitter, the pg website or just look at the notice board in my bedroom and we’ll announce more details soon. All I know is that it’ll be sometime in late November and there may or may not be  a wet T-shirt competition (judge which T-shirt weighs the most wet!).

pantsguys has a Patron

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Following the success of autobahn and The Shape of Things, pantsguys Productions has secured the patronage of renowned Australian Theatre Director Craig Ilott.

Craig is best known for directing the award winning Hedwig and the Angry Inch (2006) and fordirecting and co-creating the even more award winning Smoke and Mirrors (2010). He has come on board to spread the pantsguys word and help us bridge the gap between established and emerging artists in the industry.