pantsguys Launch Party


“I really want to go to the pantsguys launch party”

- all the cool people


pantsguys is a young theatre company. And like most young things it desperately wants to drink goon in a park at midnight on a Thursday.

However, as responsible parents/artistic associates, we have decided to celebrate our youth, not with Passion Pop under a swing, but with a fantastic night of good food, good drink, live music, events and excellent mingling!

Come join us as we celebrate ourselves and launch into the next year of great theatre. We will showcase our past productions and preview our upcoming projects. We will also be introducing our patron Craig Illot to all of you to admire and praise (you know Craig; he’s kind of a big deal).

 We will then adjourn to a suitably trendy bar down the road, because we are young and we can and it’s not a school night so shut up, Mum!

November 26th

5:30pm til 9pm.


10-14 Kensington Street, Chippendale

Entry is a $15 donation at the door