Punk Rock Review – Daily Sydney

Punk Rock at ATYP

When asked to describe his play ‘Punk Rock’ Simon Stephens said:

“It’s like The History Boys on crack.”

… he wasn’t lying.

The Australian premiere of ‘Punk Rock’ is currently playing at Sydney’s ATYP in their theatre under the Wharf. From the production company that brought you ‘The Shape of Things’ last year, Pantsguys Productions are a serious creative company to keep on eye on.

This show is absolutely exquisite. I haven’t been so affected, or moved, or shocked or stunned or propelled by a single piece of theatre in a very, very long time.

Raising important, particularly pressing and relevant questions of today, ‘Punk Rock’ encourages us all to fforceably reflect on the anxieties we harbour as young adults: where they come from, why they’re there, how to solve them. The uneasiness we get when we realise we don’t ever want to live our lives a certain way, take certain things for granted and having to accept what we always deemed unacceptable.

Delicately handled and directed by the incomparable Anthony Skuse, this team of actors have put together a show that has been the highlight of the 2012 Sydney Theatre season for me. You’d only be cheating yourself if you didn’t get to it.

So do.


Emily Eskell