The Shape of Things

pantsguys Productions and atyp Under The Wharf present

The Shape of Things

The Shape of Things

by Neil LaBute
directed by Sam Haft
Cat Dibley, Graeme McRae, Rebecca Martin and Timothy Reuben


Adam, an awkward English Lit Major and Evelyn, an ambitious art student embark on a relationship that appears “meant to be”. As love interests become entangled it seems Adam is in for more than he bargained for. Much more…


A truth in art is that whose contradictory is also true.

- Oscar Wilde

Love. Lust. Trust. Deceit. Confrontation. Lies… All in the name of Art. But if you fell victim, would you perceive it as art?

Exploring the complications of relationships and pushing the boundaries of emotions, Neil LaBute is not afraid to expose what we fear as soon as we get intimate: vulnerability, dependency, trust – only to find out it was all a lie.

Director Sam Haft, a NIDA Acting Graduate, describes The Shape of Things as a “modern classic, a cruel and brilliant satire on love, life and art that has left audiences all over the world dazzled by its daring and power.”

Set in a Midwestern college town, LaBute’s comic masterpiece chronicles the chance meeting of Adam, an awkward English Lit Major and Evelyn, an ambitious art student. The relationship they embark on appears “meant to be”- so much so, that Adam will go to extraordinary lengths to prove it.

Appearances however, are deceptive.  As love interests become entangled, the nature of their romance reveals itself to be anything but conventional.

pantsguys Productions is a new independent theatre company aiming to empower emerging artists to create innovative contemporary work that provokes, excites and challenges Australian audiences.

Featuring Rebecca Martin, Timothy Reuben, Cat Dibley and Graeme McRae, pantsguys Productions presents this sexy contemporary play with a bold,  fresh approach.

We dare you to join in on this “art” experience. What’s your truth in art?



18 March – 2 April, 16/17 March – $20 Preview

Tuesday – Saturday 7.30pm

Saturday Matinee, 2pm

Sunday, 5pm



atyp Studio 1, The Wharf, Pier 4/5 Hickson Road, Walsh Bay



$28 full / $23 Concessions / Groups $20 each for 5+ people

+$5 booking fee per transaction for phone bookings



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